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We provide a lot of free content throughout our whole ecosystem. But in this platform, we are listing tons of great lessons that can help you grow 5x faster with our guidance. You can learn specific technology with our world-class byte size courses which are called Chunk.

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  • Course Language

    We provide all the courses and its materials in our beloved Bangla. Each lecture, article, and practices all are written in Bangla.

  • Byte Size Chunks

    We design our courses as you can learn a very specific topic in detail, including theory, implementation, projects, and best practices.

  • Latest Technology

    We always keep our eyes on the latest and trending technologies to make you up to date with the world. With us, you will never miss the trends.

  • Make Theory Interesting

    Theoretical knowledge is important. We try to represent theoretical knowledge as much interesting as possible. We don't want to make you bore anyway.

  • Practical Acknowledgements

    Practical knowledge makes your theory live. We always guide you to implement the theory you have learned possibly in the best and easiest way.

  • Real Life Projects

    To solve real-life problems you need experience. We always try to make complicated things easy by implementing real-life projects.

  • Practices & Challenges

    We provide lots of problems to practice and also throw challenges to make you confident. You don't have to surf the internet to find some practice problems. Your challenge is your progress.

  • Excellent Community

    We are a large and growing programming community in Bangladesh. You are always welcome to onboard with your problems and solutions.

  • Downloadable Contents

    As we don't have sufficient internet facilities all over our country, we made our content downloadable. We can feel your pain and we want you to be a technical geek for our country.

Motive Behind Stack School

Human to Human Resource

“I dream one day we (Bangladeshi) will have a giant tech company that will be recognized by each person in the universe. To make this dream came true we need truly skilled people. We need to learn, promote, and implement modern technologies. We need people who can risk their lives for our country. This is just a dream but this dream is the only source of our motivation.”

Founder & CEO

HM Nayem

“As our country is still struggling to hold her ground in the software industry. Stack learner will develop software shoulders and Bangladesh will satisfy its needs. Today they count our population, One day they will count our human capital. I am following my heart and it will surely take us to the pinnacle of success.”

Co-Founder & COO

Shegufa Taranjum

“Everyone has a dream to do something, I also had. But while starting my journey, I face the lack of enough resource to learn technologies in Bangla. That lacking encouraged me to search for the proper solution. Everyone says, you need money to do something big, but the truth is - there are many ways your compassion, mentality, intelligence and most importantly your knowledge will influence how much money you will earn. The best way to contribute to your country is to contribute yourself.”